The amazing Sharan Project


I am so happy to announce that I am a volunteer for the amazing Sharan Project. There are many reasons why I have decided to become a volunteer for this awesome charity.  One is that it does what it says on the tin. It’s real. Its more than a charity. It’s a team. Just like a big family, they all look after each other. I first met Polly, 2 years ago where I was at an event and I heard Polly speak for the first time. Her story captured me and I knew then I wanted to be part of it. But it took me some time due to my own work to get things going. But that’s life, sometimes it takes over. But that didn’t stop me from following her journey and her good work. Every time I hear Polly speak its hits you why she has set up The Sharan Project. I have seen over the years what Polly has done to help so many people. Plus she has the most amazing curly hair!  I believe that volunteering is a two-way street; that it shouldn’t only be the organisation that benefits from a volunteer but that the volunteer should benefit as well. Anyone who volunteers with The Sharan Project loves what they do and sings their praises. Why? That’s because they do what they set out to achieve.

I want to volunteer for The Sharan Project because i have personal reasons on why i want to join and get my opinions heard.  I want to use my skills and my voice to help others. I really want to make a difference. Sometimes your voice can help someone who hasn’t learnt to use their’s and to help them express it and use it for good. Some people aren’t as vocal as others.  I am used to dealing with victims mainly on the phone and sometimes face to face. But going out there and providing training to the most vulnerable will be a challenge. But a challenge that will shape my life and my outlook on things. Everyone is learning. I want to give up my time so i can really help. Allowing my mind to be free and creative and being passionate about my dream to make a difference, that will help bring a fun and a loving spirit like myself in action.

One of the other reasons is Polly’s values for her charity. Respect, Honesty and Confidentiality. This is so important and many people do lack these basic skills. Then lose the victim’s trust and then they lose respect for you. Polly’s values are what stuck out for me! 

I met Polly recently for a coffee and she is just one of the most down to earth and genuine people I have met in a very long time. Polly is confident and what you see is what you get with our Polly very much like me! We got on straight away. They say one meeting you can judge someone and I really believe this to be true. I had the best vibe about her.  Even speaking to Polly face to face you can see her drive and passion. Polly knows her work! After meeting Polly I was empowered to make sure I volunteer and instead of saying I’ll try too. I went away thinking I’m actually going to do it!  We spoke about my project starting my blogs. She even took a picture to support my venture.

The Wonderful Polly Harrar



Many people have heard of The Sharan Project. The founder Polly has been supporting South Asian women for over 20 years. In 2008 she identified a gap in service provision available for women who have been disowned and who require long term support towards leading a successful independent life without fear, as a result, she set up The Sharan Project. Using her own life savings and at great personal risk, she took an idea to support some of the most vulnerable members of society and turned it into a reality.

I currently work for the Police force and I know how important The Sharan Project is and how many things can be missed without the right training and what needs to be looked out for. I have seen the training Polly has given. The Our Girl Campaign is such a brilliant initiative and I’m so proud to be part of this. This is where we will be providing training for young people at academies, schools, colleges and universities. This is much needed in our communities. This is national forced marriage prevention and awareness campaign. 

Polly Harrar Our Girl Campaign short video


We may all know someone who was or still is a victim of a Forced Marriage or Honour-based violence or any type of abuse. I personally have seen this numerous times. Someone being forced into a marriage they didn’t want to be in. Being so young and not even lived their life they truly wanted but due to family honour which they had to accept, that they thought was normal. But this isn’t normal. But sometimes people don’t know that is not acceptable. Or even being a victim of Domestic Violence sometimes we forget it doesn’t have to be physical abuse it can be emotionally or mentally. This is why The Sharan Project is important so you can see the difference in what is right and what is wrong. They provide valuable training so we can educate ourselves. The Sharan Project also touches upon on Dowry abuse and In Law abuse. These are two taboo subjects that are spoken about a lot more. We are slowly breaking the silence. Again, we all may know someone or even ourselves that has been a victim of this. But if you need help this charity is here to help you! 

Due to very personal reasons this charity is very close to my heart. I really hope i can make a difference with my voice to help those in need. 

Please show your support for The Sharan Project they are an amazing team!

Me and the amazing Polly Harrar






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