Hi Guys!!!

Welcome to my blog

My name is Suneeta kaur Seera. Better known as Ceese.

People know me as a quite a loud person. But very vocal and I express any issues head on. I feel that I was blessed with a voice so I will use it and express myself in what I think is right. I am a loyal and honest person and I never judge anyone as I always say who I am to judge anyone. Life gives us lessons and blessings.  I am bubbly and as my sisters call me fierce. I love my family and also my better half who has supported me throughout this journey. 

I currently work for the Police but I am also part of the Police Sikh Association, where i am the project co-ordinater.  I’m also a part of a few charities! I am a volunteer for Sikh-Helpline.  I am currently part of the amazing Sharan Project.  I have been volunteering for a while now and this charity is close to my heart. This charity helps victims of forced marriages and honour based violence.  I believe in giving back to those less fortunate. I love helping people and also making a difference even just a bit i’m happy with. I am so proud when I stand by this charity as it gives a voice to the victims or what i’d like to say survivors. 

My blog is about all different types of topic’s. From Music, Fashion, Entertainment, Taboo subjects. Lets say everything basically!! I’m a huge music fan so you will see a lot about that.

My blog is all my own opinions, and I feel this is my platform to talk about what I think is important and my thinking around certain subjects.

I will post blogs about what I’m doing and also interviews with people who I think have a great story behind them, people who are inspiring not only to me but to others. Sometimes nothing is better than telling a story that needs to be heard. I am all about promoting that and encouraging people to talk about their life stories. I have so far met some real interesting people.

I am not claiming to be an experienced blogger or writer. I write how I feel and what comes into my mind in that moment in time. As mother say’s “Im subtle as a brick”

Just like many other people out there I’m on a journey, always learning and love experiencing new things. I have had a very colourful past and I have been on very tough journey myself. I will be writing about my experiences soon. One thing I have learnt through my mistakes or my heartache, is never judge someone until you hear their story. We don’t know what has led them down their own path. Never judge a book by its cover. 

But check out my Instagram to see more. (ceese_k_seera)

Also my Twitter @miss_seera

But my saying is Just say It How It Is.. Don’t be afraid.. Speak your mind..

Hope you all like my blog